Skullphone Skullduggery Skullphone Skullduggery

Skullphone Skullduggery

by Daniel Riley

March 28, 2008

We're a little late with this one, but it's too good to pass up: the graphic artist Skullphone has been hacking into digital billboards in L.A. (last week, at least ten), interfering with Clear Channel's standard array of soaring, illuminated advertisements-the ones that flash between movie, TV, and auto ads-in Hollywood, Westwood, and Culver City.

Guess it just takes a little intrepidity-and an incendiary icon-to throw a wrench in the media conglomerate's machinery, and to disrupt their otherwise smooth (er, clear) sailing.

Via Supertouch

UPDATE: This was less a "hack," and more a "media buy." Skullphone, it seems, paid Clear Channel.


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Skullphone Skullduggery