The Teen Creator Of The Term ‘Fleek’ Sets A GoFundMe To Garner Money And Recognition

‘Maybe this can help me with my wishes and dreams’

How much would you pay to keep the phrase “on fleek” in your lexicon? While many would surely donate money to erase its existence altogether, the personality behind the phrase “eyebrows on fleek,” Peaches Monroee, is looking to generate some cash from her contribution to pop-culture slang.

The Chicago-born internet personality, born Kayla Newman, feels she’s been denied recognition, both conventional and financial, for the slang phrase, despite its ubiquity. So, she did what people do these days – she’s launched a GoFundMe to get paid.

She writes on her crowdsourcing page, "Everyone has used the phrase/word but I haven't received any money behind it or recognition. But for the most I want to start a cosmetic line and hair line; But I don't have any money to do so. Maybe this can help me with my wishes and dreams."

So far, the project’s stated goal is to launch a cosmetics line, but Lewis has also just enrolled in college to become a nurse, so it’s unclear if proceeds would go to subsidizing her studies as well.

The way Kayla sees it, she’s simply entitled to cash for creating a phrase that’s been widely used since this (kinda profane) video became a Vine sensation:

How much is she asking for? In recognition of a 13-second video comprised of simply, "We in dis bitch, finna get crunk, eyebrows on fleek, dafuq,” Peaches/Kayla has set a crowdsourcing goal of $100,000.

She also writes on the project’s page, "I'm taking up Nursing...but I also want to make sure I getting the recognition and money I deserve," she wrote.

Before you scoff too hard, you should probably know that she’s raised $4,000 already and people with no discernible stake in its success are championing the cause online:

The success of her GoFundMe campaign remains to be seen, but perhaps the bigger story is the palpable sense of entitlement that she and her fans feel for what many would consider a disposable trinket of pop culture ephemera.

It’s hard to argue that the convergence of viral celebrity and crowdsourcing isn’t a logical one, since giving remains entirely at the discretion of the star’s fans. That said, it’s hard not wonder just how much “eyebrows on fleek” will earn on the open market. Follow the progress here.


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