Slate's Classroom of the Future Slate's Classroom of the Future

Slate's Classroom of the Future

by Nikhil Swaminathan

November 18, 2010

Slate picked the winner in its Hive contest to design the classroom of the future. Choosing from among 350 entries, it went with a sprawling mega-room with indoor and outdoor components that emphasizes "connection" and was proposed by Seattle-based architects Greg Stack and Natalie Nesmeainova.

Stack is actually a school designer by trade, so he used his vast knowledge to take a kitchen sink approach to filling the educational space. His and Nesmeainova's vision comes complete with: "adjustable furniture, a messy art area, video screens large and small, communal areas for classes to share, carefully placed mirrors that allow for eye contact when a student and teacher sit at a computer together."

Over at Slate, Linda Perlstein discusses what elements of this room are actually practical. There are also more drawings showing how the space might actually function as a classroom.

Photo via Greg Stack and Natalie Nesmeainova for Slate.

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Slate's Classroom of the Future