Slurpee Waves Are The Best Thing to Come Out of Massachusett's Terrible Winter

The rest of the country is envious of Massachusett's winter for once.

Photo by Jonathan Nimefroh

While Chicago is currently receiving the gift of lake-effect snow from Lake Michigan, Massachusetts is getting “slurpee waves” on the Nantucket coast. The water is half frozen, so the slushy combination ice and water waves are cresting and crashing onto the beach.

Surfer/photographer Jonathan Nimerfroh, who captured pictures of the waves, told Stay Wild, “Just been super cold here. The harbor to the main land is frozen solid. No boats running. But yea, the day after I took these it actually froze up the shoreline for 200 yards out. Solid ice. I was totally tripping when I pulled up to the beach and saw this."

Gawker calls Massachusetts “God's 7-11” because of these waves, and we can’t help but agree.

You can check out the full set of pictures at Stay Wild.

Photo by Jonathan Nimefroh