Meet Some Women Who Are Sick of Being Told How to Dress

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Women are frequently told to cover up parts of their body that make other people uncomfortable. Using the hashtag #ImFlattered, some are posting pictures of their bodies that do not reflect the societal norm that says all people should be skinny and those who aren’t should hide their curves. It’s the brainchild of entrepreneur Mallorie Dunn, founder of SmartGlamour clothing company .

“When somebody says, ‘Oh, that’s really flattering!’, what they mean is, ‘That article of clothing makes you look thin.’ And that kind of feeds into this conception that we have that women need to be smaller and take up less space. And so the #ImFlattered campaign is an attempt to reclaim the word.”

—Mikaela Lynn Johnson, SmartGlamour Model

Here’s the clip, from AJ+: