Girl Born With a Cleft Lip Is All Smiles Now

She wanted to smile while she danced—and now she can.

Born in India with a cleft lip and pallete, Kiran was not expected to survive her battle against severe respitory problems for years. As a child, she endured cruel teasing, which kept her away from school. Her mother was blamed for bringing a curse to her daughter, because she had been cutting fish during a full moon while pregnant. But then, against this horrific backdrop, everything changed. Her mother found a clinic operated by Operation Smile, an organization dedicated to helping children with facial deformities around the world. After surgery and a lot of speech therapy, Kiran has become one of their biggest success stories. According to their website, the girl now “has an abundance of friends to dance and play with.” When she grows up, she wants to be a doctor and help other children like her all over the world. This short video captures the beautiful and courageous journey of this remarkable young lady.

You can find out more about Operation Smile and see other stories like Kiran’s here.

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