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Snyder's Gets Plant-based Packaging Too Snyder's Gets Plant-based Packaging Too
The Planet

Snyder's Gets Plant-based Packaging Too

by Andrew Price

April 6, 2010
A few weeks ago, Frito-Lay introduced its compostable chip bag, and now Snyder's of Hanover, purveyor of delicious pretzels, is following suit. Their new packaging is made by a company called Clear Lam, and is described as a "unique material derived primarily from renewable Ingeo PLA (polylactic acid)." Clear Lam claims that, compared to traditional packaging, this stuff requires about half the energy to manufacture and produces half the greenhouse gases in the process. Presumably it decomposes in a responsible way as well. Like the old bag, it's filled with tasty pretzels.
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Snyder's Gets Plant-based Packaging Too