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Something Tappening Here

by Patrick James

July 30, 2008

The bottled water industry is probably the biggest scam of the 20th century. Companies took something that was not only free but also available in almost any modern home, and found a better way to brand it. That part you almost have to applaud-well done, marketers, we bought it-but there's another, far more irksome component to the industry: its inconceivable waste.

The people at Tappening want to change that. They want to make the single-use water bottle a thing of the past. If that makes sense to you, you can help by joining the organization, or by purchasing one of these permanent water bottles (which are BPA-free) or a new Tappening bag (which is made from recycled single-use bottles). There is also a bounty of informational resources to be found on the site.

CORRECTION: We initially stated that the bottles were made from recycled bottles; they aren't, but the bags are.
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Something Tappening Here