Sounds GOOD: Download 'Truth' by Yalls

Download a brand-new track to support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Sounds GOOD brings you new music by artists we love. Pay what you want to download the track, and GOOD will donate the net proceeds to a worthy organization. (Payments are not tax-deductible. Net proceeds are the total revenue from sales minus transaction costs.)

Yalls (aka Dan Casey) is nothing if not prolific. Whether he's making beats for lo-fi rapper Mondre M.A.N., remixing garage-pop stars Sonny and the Sunsets, or releasing his own tracks under aliases like Steezy Ray Vibes (a project that The Fader recently premiered to great acclaim), the man stays busy.
Sounds GOOD is thrilled to debut Yalls's "Truth," a brand-new track Casey calls "a continuation of my recent exploration of dark vibes, vocal sampling, and buttery synths."
Stream "Truth" above, then pay any amount to download it. Net proceeds will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. For more music, check out the new Yalls single, "Fantasy," available digitally and on vinyl through Gold Robot Records.
Photo by Ginger Fierstein\n