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Fans Rally Around ‘Star Wars’ Convention For The Disabled After Theft

The force was with them.

The “Star Wars” films may blow people away with their fantastic special effects, imaginative world-building, and breathtaking lightsaber battles. But at the core of the saga is the battle of good versus evil, family relationships, friendships, destiny, and standing up against oppression. While the themes of these films are deeply woven into our collective subconscious, some people with disabilities are left out of the full “Star Wars” experience.

To give them the chance to more fully experience the “Star Wars” universe, a group of fans held the first Feel the Force Day in Peterborough, England, for 20 blind and deaf people in 2013. The charity now holds events three times a year, attracting over 32,000 people. The events feature toys, props, tactile costumes, and smell jars to help spread the joy of “Star Wars” to those with disabilities and sensory impairments.

Image via sw3po/YouTube.

But recently, someone from the dark side robbed a temporary storage area filled with “Star Wars” merchandise to be raffled off for the charity. The stolen items are valued at an estimated $1,290. After word of the crime spread, the light side of the force stepped up to help Feel the Force Day organizers by donating “Star Wars” merchandise and collectables to the charity.

“People love the event so much that total strangers are getting in touch,” JJ Lucia-Wright, the event’s co-founder, told The BBC. One woman who said she had a few “Star Wars” books wound up contributing over 300. Local supermarkets have also pledged donations. “It’s been epic, and really restores your faith in human nature,” Lucia-Wright said. This shows what happens when people who rally around an age-old tale of good versus evil come face-to-face with injustice.

Learn more about Feel the Force Day.

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