People Who Have Never Seen ‘Star Wars’ Try and Guess the Characters’ Names

‘I think I’ve heard that he’s like the butler.’

Star Wars is not just a series of movies, it has reached the status of modern-day mythology. It deals with deep universal themes such as religion, good versus evil, and family relationships. Its lasting cultural impact is understandable being that its creator George Lucas based many of Star Wars’ concepts and characters on timeless archetypes outlined in the writings of mythologist Joseph Campbell. “It’s possible that if I had not run across him I would still be writing Star Wars today,” Lucas said.

Given Star Wars’ ubiquity, it’s hard to imagine there are people in this galaxy that have not seen any of the six (soon to be seven) Star Wars films. It’s like being in swinging London in the ‘60s and not knowing a Beatles’ song or living in the South Bronx in 1986 and being clueless about hip-hop.

So, the folks at Distractify rounded up some Star Wars virgins, showed them pictures of a prominent characters from the films and asked what their role was in the Star Wars universe. The responses are pretty rediculous.

“I think I’ve heard that he’s like the butler.”

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“It’s like Kermit got dumped by Miss Piggy and just fell apart.”

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“Snot monster?”

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Warning: Video was created for an adult audience.

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