Study Says Your College Degree Is Worth the Investment Good News: Your College Degree Was Worth the Money

It's hard out there in the job market, but a new survey says recent graduates are satisfied with their college experience.

Debating the usefulness of a getting a college degree? According to a new study, 89 percent of young graduates between the ages of 25 and 39 say their degrees are worth the investment.

The survey commissioned by the American Council on Education questioned 800 alumni from 22 colleges and universities about their satisfaction with their undergraduate experience. Even with double-digit unemployment impacting degree-holders, 81 percent of graduates surveyed "felt that, overall they were prepared by their college or university and 85 percent felt their undergraduate experience had prepared them for their current job." However, when asked whether they felt colleges in general are preparing students for the rigors of the modern workforce, only 62 percent agreed.

The survey also asked respondents what they thought the role of colleges should be. Interestingly, 31 percent of respondents rated "teaching students how to think critically" as number one. Coming in at a close second, 28 percent said that “preparing students for employment" should be the top priority.

What do recent grads think is a waste of time? Only 1 percent of respondents said it's important for colleges and universities to conduct research that benefits the community.

Do you agree with the survey results?

Photo (cc) via Flickr user NIU Business