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Study Shows Older Women Are Actually Having Plenty of Sex

Getting older and still getting it on.

Image via Flickr user JDH Rosewater

You know the stereotype: once you hit a certain age, you—and the people in your demographic—simply stop having sex. Old people are stigmatized for being far more interested in daytime television and Scrabble than random Tinder hookups (which is, to be frank, clearly the better choice). But a recent study, published in the Annals of Family Medicine, revealed a surprising truth: nearly six out of 10 older women have surprisingly active sex lives. Women in their sixties and seventies are enjoying sex just as much as women in their thirties and forties—even in their “boring,” committed relationships.

Image via Wikimedia

It’s a surprising finding for many people outside the medical community—but common knowledge to others. As Lynnette Leidy Sievert, professor of anthropology at University of Massachusetts-Amherst, told HealthDay: "It has to be publicized every couple of years to counteract the stereotype that women over a certain age don't enjoy or want sexual activity … I think we just have to keep putting it out there, and I think these studies are important to say that women remain sexually active.”

The study further discovered that old women aren’t just having sex, they are—get ready for it—enjoying it, too. While single women and women in relationships both had active sex lives, the more satisfying a woman’s relationship, the more pleasurable she reported her sex life to be.

Getting older never looked so good.

(Via: HealthDay)

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