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A woman sang about having a subway car to herself until she awkwardly realized ... she didn't.

Anyone who’s been stuck on a packed subway car can relate to this woman’s joy.

A woman sang about having a subway car to herself until she awkwardly realized ... she didn't.

Most commuters used to packed subways can only dream of the sublime joy that a woman documented upon learning that she was the only passenger aboard her car.

To make the most of her time alone, the rider, known only in this tweet as “Stevie,” commemorated her glee with a one-woman performance that involved smiles, dancing, and a terribly awesome song, complete with ad hoc lyrics about her good fortune.

In the throes of joy, she spends almost a full minute belting out a nonsensical ditty before realizing that, sure enough, she is NOT alone on the train, incorporating the revelation into the last lines of her song before laughing and sheepishly wishing her fellow passenger a good day and taking her seat.

Oh, well. It was fun while it lasted.

While many other frequent subway riders may understand Stevie’s glee, the quiet rider sharing her car may not be one such person — or, if they were, they concealed their enthusiasm remarkably well.

That person may not have been the perfect audience for the ill-advised musical, but that doesn’t mean that Twitter didn’t appreciate both Stevie’s sentiment and her performance.

While this occasion may not have served to be the most appropriate “dance like no one’s watching” moment, few will blame Stevie for letting her enthusiasm get the best of her and going forth with the spontaneous song-and-dance number.

Don’t let this discourage you, Stevie. You’ll get another shot, and when you do, you’ll get to finish your song.

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