Surprise: 2012 Olympics Are Not Making the Brits Exercise

Even with the Olympics coming to town, Brits are still not buying into the idea of exercise.

As part of its Olympic push, the city of London pledge to get 2 million more people in England playing sports and exercising.

The New York Timesreports today that:

Figures issued in December by Sport England, the governing body for community sports, indicated that participation at the 3x30 level had increased by 123,000 since 2007-8, when the one million baseline was established. But that number increased by only 8,000 in the last year. At the current rate, the goal of one million new participants would not be reached in 2012-13 as hoped but more than a decade later in 2023-24.


The same study found that the number of adults no zero moderate sports activity rose by nearly 300,000 between 2005, when London was awarded the Olympics, to the fall of 2010.

While the International Olympic committee can't take back the 2012 Olympics from London, it's fairly unlikely that the English population will ever turn into a lycra clad, yoga-mat toting, cycling mad city. Why do you think cricket is a such a big sport here? Because it doesn't involve exercise.