Surprise: Cash4Gold Not Worth It Surprise: Cash4Gold Not Worth It

Surprise: Cash4Gold Not Worth It

by Andrew Price

February 7, 2009
Americans might be spending less and saving more overall, but in a downturn there's also a healthy segment of the population that doubles down on the fast-and-easy-money approach to personal finance.And that segment has provided a market for scam-like operations like, which are booming. has done well enough to start advertising during the Super Bowl.The LA Times investigates. is totally shady:‘"The Florida attorney general's office is examining nearly 60 complaints about Cash4Gold, including people who ‘are sending in their jewelry and getting extremely small checks in return,' according to a representative.One complaint filed with the Florida attorney general by a New York resident, Frank Poindexter, said that ‘he mailed in $150-$200 worth of gold,' but that "all he got back was a check for 15 cents." A second, from Thomas Valle of Colorado, read, ‘I sen[t] my gold and diamonds worth $300 and they sent a check returned for $16.61.' Unsatisfied with the offer, he requested the prompt return of his jewelry, as per Cash4Gold's terms. ‘They have not done that, and it has been a month.'"Here's their spot from the Super Bowl:[
/youtube]Hang on to your gold commodes for now.
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Surprise: Cash4Gold Not Worth It