Swoon's Swimming Cities Sail Onward

Daily Beast has an excellent photo gallery of Swoon's stunning new sea-faring art project. It's an amazing collage of troubadour culture and aquatic architecture."The Swimming Cities of Serenissima embarked from the Karst region of Slovenia in mid-May on a route across the Adriatic Sea to dock in Venice for the Biennale. Powered by Swoon and a crew of 35 artists, appearing in tattered cargos and dreds like Lost Boys sailing in Never Never Land, the Swoon armada has sailed across unruly waters chronicled via live blogging on the crew's Facebook feed."I'd certainly second both the Lost Boys and Never Never Land aesthetic. It also vaguely reminds me of the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, the site JR's recent work.Photo by Tod Seelie, via Daily Beast.