I've been obsessed with the concept of radical transparency lately, especially as it relates to global health and development work. This is perhaps an extension of the push for strong monitoring and evaluation in the field to ensure that development projects are actually accomplishing good in the world.

We've learned this lesson, as a community, after far too many ill-fated projects that were imagined without community input, were developed in a vacuum, and either collapsed within six months of implementation or actually negatively impacted the community.

Water for People CEO Ned Breslin and I hopped onto a Google Hangout to discuss radical transparency, an idea that his organization is pioneering through a new online data reporting platform they launched called Re-imagine Reporting.

In the words of Water for People, the new initiative "is an online reporting platform that will help the organization manage, visualize, and reflect on data and reframe reporting as an opportunity to learn and improve so that we can achieve our mission of ending global water and sanitation poverty."

Watch our conversation above, and please feel free to engage with us in the comments section below about how the fields of global health and development can continue to become more transparent and learn from each others successes and failures together.