Teachers Are Awesome: 99-Year-Old Sets Record as World's Oldest Educator

Father Geoffrey Schneider has no plans to retire.


Teachers as a whole are a pretty dedicated lot but 99-year-old Father Geoffrey Schneider, a teacher at Sydney's St Aloysius' College—a junior school for boys—sets a new bar. The hardworking Jesuit priest was recently recognized as the world's oldest active teacher by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Father Schneider serves as the school's chaplain, a role that's similar to a guidance counselor who also teaches religious studies. As you might expect, he's gleaned a few gems of wisdom from his years on the job. He told The Australian that the secret to bringing out the best in students is to be patient. "If things are going wrong, don't start shouting," says Father Schneider. "Just proceed quietly and things will settle down eventually."

As for the students, they find Father Schneider's dedication pretty remarkable. "He must've liked his job," says one student in the above video from the AP. Although Father Schneider turns 100-years-old on December 23, he has no plans to chill in an easy chair. "It's an honor that I can keep going," he says.

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