Listen as Teachers Tell Us What’s Wrong—and What’s Right—With Being One

I’m certain that my kids’ great teachers feel the negative pressures too.

Teachers have taken it on the chin over the last several years, beginning with states like Wisconsin, and continuing in other states—especially those dominated by Republican legislators and governors.

It means that, increasingly, there’s a shortage of people who want to go into the teaching profession.

That wasn’t the case 20 years ago. But really, with their unions, wages, benefits, and working conditions receiving such negative pressure, is it any wonder? Add the increased emphasis on testing—in some cases, school districts administer three or four times the number of tests that used to be given to kids—and you have a recipe for nobody wanting to do this particular job.

In a video from AJ+, teachers talk about what’s happening to their profession and the changes that need to take place to make things better.

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