New Video Shows ‘How to Tell If You Believe in Bull*hit’

Something we all need help with this election cycle

If you can see the BS flying through the air these days, don’t be afraid, it’s just another election year. While websites like the nonpartisan PolitiFact are here to tell us whether our candidates are telling the truth, many of us are still more than happy to cling to our hard-fought beliefs. As the old saying by writer Jonathan Swift goes, “It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of anything he was never reasoned into.”

But for those of us who’d rather get the facts right than to cling to our worldviews, there’s a fun new video by The Best Page in the Universe that can help fine-tune our BS detectors via the scientific method. “Claiming to love science without actually having a scientific understanding is like claiming to love writing without knowing how to read,” the video’s host says. “And a disturbingly large number of people believe in bull*hit precisely because they have no scientific understanding.”