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The Compostable Chip Bag Is Out The Compostable Chip Bag Is Out

The Compostable Chip Bag Is Out

by Andrew Price

March 18, 2010
Hey, good news. That compostable SunChips bag we mentioned last May is out on shelves now. It's made from corn and will compost within 14 weeks in a "hot, active compost bin." There's a promo video below the jump.[
/youtube]It's true, as the Green Inc. blog and Ariel Schwartz both point out, that most Americans don't actually compost. But I have to think this bag is better to have in landfills and trash bins, too.And Frito-Lay deserves a high five for making this happen. They won't say how much it cost to develop the bag; only that it was "not a cost-savings."
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The Compostable Chip Bag Is Out