What Would Happen If Humans Disappeared?

It’s good news for the Earth

Eventually, everything that humans have dreamt, built, and believed will be gone. Just like the dinosaurs, one day, the human race will become extinct. Whether it’s because we poisoned our environment, total nuclear annihilation, a mishap with a particle accelerator, or some unforeseen cataclysmic event, chances are we won’t last forever. So what will happen to the Earth after we’re gone?

The timeline after we’re gone:

Several hours: Lights around the world begin to shut off
3 days: Most subway systems will be flooded
10 days: Pets locked indoors will die of starvation
1 month: Cooling waters will evaporate in nuclear power generators, contaminating the planet with radiation
1 year: Thousands of satellites will fall to the earth
25 years: Desert cities like Dubai and Las Vegas will be covered in sand
300 years: Metal construction such as the Eiffel Tower will begin to collapse
300 years: Whales and large sea animals will grow in population and thrive
500 years: Modern cities will be completely overgrown by vegetation
10,000 years: The only evidence that humans existed will be stone construction