The Great Los Angeles Walk

Yeah, so nobody walks in Los Angeles. It's a tired trope but it's true. The city is so spread out that walking only makes sense in the few neighborhoods (the beach towns and parts of greater Hollywood, maybe Silverlake, come to mind) that have, against all odds, managed to maintain a pedestrian culture.

So cheers to Mike Schneider for organizing the Great L.A. Walk. On Saturday he and anyone who wants to join are taking Pico Blvd. from downtown to the Pacific Ocean. If you're familiar with L.A. you'll know that's a fearsome trip even by car, but the great thing is that if you do it on foot, with a bunch of friends, and you have a Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic curating the snack stops, it turns into a kick-ass Saturday.

Here's the FAQ if you want to join.

Here's a look at last year's trek.