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Act of Giving on the New York Subway Kicked Off a Chain of Kindness

It kicked off a chain of kindness.

Image via Kay Brown / Facebook

Kay Brown took the New York subway home from work on Monday night. During her trip, the 26-year-old assistant at a hedge fund in Times Square noticed a shoeless, mentally ill homeless woman standing beside her. Brown asked the homeless woman her shoe size, and that kicked off a chain of kindness.

Here’s the story in Kay’s words and pictures:

“A homeless, mentally handicapped women got on the subway BAREFOOT. No socks, shoes or anything. I asked her what shoe size she wore and we were the same. I gave her the shoes off my feet and they fit perfectly. She couldn’t have been more gracious.”

Image via Kay Brown / Facebook

“So I stood on the subway for 15 min in my mixed matched socks...”

Image via Kay Brown / Facebook

“Right before I got off the subway a gentleman offered me an extra pair of socks to go over top of my small thin ones.”

Image via Kay Brown / Facebook

“You see, I can buy another pair of shoes tomorrow. And he probably has plenty of socks at home. It’s the middle of November and she has nowhere to go, so the least I could do is give her a pair of shoes. So, I walked 6 blocks home in socks getting strange looks and comments made about me ... but now she’s able to wear a pair of shoes each day and suffer a little less. Pay it forward y’all. And shout out to the guy who gave me the extra socks! They helped a ton!”

This act of kindness wasn’t Brown’s first. She helps the nonprofit Fly for MS with its social media efforts and volunteers with organizations dedicated to feeding the homeless. She told the Today show, “I’m really thankful to have incredible parents who have taught me to always put good out into the world.” Brown added, “With all the stuff that’s happening in the world right now, seeing the smile on that woman’s face was the best.”

(H/T Today)

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