The Green Side of Business: DODOcase Creates a Green Team to Move Forward

Armed with advice from both UPS and a group of sustainability experts, DODOcase is starting to formulate a long term green strategy.

This post is in partnership with UPS

This is part five in our Green Side of Business series, which chronicles one company as it strives to do business more sustainably.

Despite holiday demands nipping at their heels, DODOcase’s focus is all about the green. Going green that is. Recently chosen as the $10,000 winner of the Green Side of Business program, the San Francisco-based company has sprung into action. The goal for the company, which hand makes covers for eReaders and tablets, is to become more sustainable.

Repurposing is already one of DODOcase’s strengths. Case in point: Rather than buying new tools, COO Mark Manning upgraded existing bookbinding equipment to create a more efficient system. Another repurposed project can be spotted outside the company’s headquarters in the American Industrial Center’s South Building: a vehicle lovingly referred to as Crystal. At one time, Crystal was a delivery transportation van. In her next incarnation, DODOcase co-founder Patrick Buckley used her as a cryogenic ice cream truck. Now, sporting a new look compliments of San Francisco Mission-muralist Victor Reyes, she serves as DODOcase’s delivery van.

Reyes painted the van as a good faith trade to DODOcase; the company had opened its doors to him when he was working on a large-scale project and needed studio space. When it comes to the artisans in DODOcase’s Dogpatch neighborhood, the company has what it refers to as an open-door policy. “We operate with our roll-up doors open so people can see what we’re doing,” says Dalton of their bookbinding process. “This also makes them aware of scrap materials we’re unable to use that we hold aside and make available to area artists.” One group making art from these repurposed materials, Tiny Sparks Designs, showcases them front and center on their website.

Spearheading their newest efforts to be more sustainable are four of DODOcase’s 12 core staff members who’ve volunteered to be the company's Green Team: co-founder Craig Dalton, COO Mark Manning, Juliayn Coleman, Elizabeth Bradford and David Chang. Armed with advice from both UPS and a group of sustainability experts, DODOcase has begun formulating a strategy. “Last week’s conversation with UPS showed us that in our planning to become more sustainable we have to look beyond small tactical things,” says DODOcase co-founder, Craig Dalton. “We’re now focusing on a higher level corporate plan that allows us to measure and track things as we look towards improving them.”

DODOcase some sustainability swag for inspiration from UPS, the Green Side of Business partner, including some reading materials: Green to Gold by Daniel Esty, How by Dov Seidman and Confessions of a Radical Industrialist by Ray Anderson. Also included in the mix were reusable shopping bags, mugs and reusable drinking bottles.

So what is DODOcase looking forward to sharing with the masses in the future? “Once we’re at a point where we have an approach we’re proud of and a business operation we can share widely, DODOcase would like to become a voice for sustainability,” says Dalton. A message that we're all excited to support.

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