The Green Side of Business: Introducing Winner DODOcase The Green Side of Business: Introducing Winner DODOcase
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The Green Side of Business: Introducing Winner DODOcase

by Bekah Wright

December 13, 2011

This post is in partnership with UPS


So what’s a DODOcase? It’s not just an accessory for an iPad but also a philosophy. According to the founders, DODOcases lend themselves to sustainability and on their website their credo is to "manufacture things locally and help keep the art of bookbinding alive, and off the extinction list where the namesake Dodo bird resides."

Each DODOcase is unique and handmade with environmentally-friendly materials, including a bamboo interior case.  As of October, DODOcase began its bookbinding production in-house. DODOCase co-founder Craig Dalton describes the company’s bookbinding as a hybrid process. “We use traditional book-binding techniques across the board,” he says. “There are some, though, we’ve sought to improve upon by using cutting-edge machinery.” (Click here for a video with their bookbinding). Most of the process, however, is done completely by hand.

Bookbinding isn’t the only art DODOcase gets behind. This year alone they’ve enlisted the talents of Rex Ray and Jenny Beorkrem, of Ork Posters fame, to collaborate on designs. For a time, they also opened up space in their factory to Victor Reyes, the renowned San Francisco Mission-muralist and graffiti artist.

As for looks, DODOcase has definitely caught the public’s attention. Everyone from Barack Obama to Jane Goodall has been spotted using them. And at the TEDGlobal 2011 conference in Scotland, attendees were supplied with DODOcases.

So what’s next? DODOcase is ready to take their “greenness” to the next level with the help of green business consultants, UPS sustainability experts, and $10,000. With employees who’ve already embraced bicycling to work (DODOcase had 100% participation in San Francisco’s most recent, annual Bike to Work Day), their efforts are bound to be anything but mundane.

Check back each week for updates on DODOcase's sustainability makeover in the Green Side of Business series.

Photos via DODOcase

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The Green Side of Business: Introducing Winner DODOcase