Watch as Art Imitates Life in The Last Black Man in San Francisco

A moving film about friendship, and the fight to call a place your home.


Jimmie Fails’ grandfather moved to San Francisco in the 1940s and built a three-story house in the Fillmore District. Over the past few years, Fails has witnessed the rapid gentrification process of the city, and he’s seen his neighbors and friends be displaced by more affluent residents. When Fails saw his family lose his grandfather’s home to foreclosure, he was forced to move to the projects. It’s there that he would eventually befriend Joe Talbot, an aspiring filmmaker.

The pair became creative partners and now they’re trying to sell a movie based on Fails’ life. Called The Last Black Man in San Francisco, the film presents a fictional account of Fails’ life. But the film isn’t just about San Fracisco—it’s about friendship, as well. They’re crowd-funding for the film on Kickstarter, and the concept trailer promises a compelling and heartfelt story about fighting for a place to call your own. They need $50,000 to complete the project, and they’re almost there.