The Morning After

Yesterday, we used internets to predict the near future-which, at that point, was last night's vice presidential debate. And, lo!, how quickly the near future becomes the recent past. Today, we look at what a number of media outlets are saying about the battle between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin.BBC, which predicted gaffes, was let down by the "competent, if not exactly sparkling" performances, dismissing the event as "over-rehearsed." More apr├Ęs la jump.Fox News (at least in this piece), didn't award victory to either candidate, but noted that Palin far exceed expectations, calling her "cool and confident." Hot Air takes a more decisive approach, saying that Palin didn't just beat expectations, she beat Biden.Politico, also acknowledged the perception of a low bar for Palin, writing that she cleared that bar, but still fell short. The site also wrangles opinions of many pundits here. In a similar vein, NYTimes explains that, while Palin didn't stumble the way some people expected her to, her performance didn't exaclty constitute a turning point for the McCain campaign, either.Having live-blogged its way through whole thing, Jezebel (from whence we lifted the above image), wonders why Ifill didn't question Palin on the whole rape kit conundrum. It's a fair question, espcially in light of what it (and Politico and TNR) saw as Palin's transparent attempt to link Biden with the word "rape" during a discussion of drilling.Finally, Gawker patted Biden and itself on their respective backs, assuring that each of them had won, decisively.What was your take?