The Parents of the Daughter in the Cheerios Ad Say Biracial Families Are Reality

The controversy is an opportunity to see where we, but biracial families aren't going anywhere.

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Although a certain segment of the population took offense to the latest Cheerios advertisement, which depicted a black father, white mother, and their adorable daughter, the parents of the little girl who starred in the ad have a message for America: The growing diversity of this nation isn't going away, so get used to it.

Indeed, in the above interview with MSNBC, Christopher, the real-life father of six-year-old Grace Colbert said that despite the controversy the ad generated, he was actually "really excited" about the reaction since it gives us an opportunity to "see where we still stand in America." And now is the time to embrace diversity. Added Christopher: "Look out, America, because this is just reality." Grace's real-life mother, Janet Colbert, also weighed in on the controversy, as did Grace herself. The most heartwarming part? Janet shared that Grace "thought all the attention was because she had a great smile."

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