Early today, I posted what appeared to be a prurient link promising our readers a glimpse at a sexy naked young woman. The cropped picture is an American Apparel advertisement and has appeared all over the internet and on billboards, so nothing you're not exposed to every day.In this trying economic climate, everyone is hearing more and more about the need to drive traffic and advertising. "Chicks get clicks" is a phrase that I've heard bandied about (certainly not in our office, but around the internet). In general, that seems to be true.The thing is, that is not what we're really about, and all over this site you can find amazing stories about inspiring people doing impressive things, stories that you can't find anywhere else. Naked people on the internet, they're a dime a dozen. Actually, less than a dime, usually. To my pleasure and surprise, besides the fact that most of our astute commenters called me an idiot (guilty as charged, probably), articles about people making meaningful difference in the world got a lot more clicks (check out our story on ad hoc car pooling in San Francisco or our transparency on relative fuel use of different modes of transportation, for two examples).So, looks like we can go about our business bringing you the news you apparently want to hear. And we can all pat ourselves on the back. And look at naked people on our own time.