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The RNC Survived Hurricane Isaac, But Regular People Still Need Help

Disaster was averted for GOP public relations managers but regular Gulf State folks are just starting to pick up the pieces. Here's how to help.

A headline on the recent Sunday before RNC delegates gathered in Tampa blared: "Hurricane Isaac Would Be A PR Disaster For The Republican Convention." It seems disaster was averted for GOP public relations managers—Clint Eastwood and Paul Ryan managed to trump the dreaded images of "homes destroyed and peoples lives ruined"—but regular Gulf State folks are just starting to pick up the pieces. At least 15,000 homes were left in shambles and some 150,000 Louisiana residents have applied for emergency disaster food stamps.

Here at GOOD, there's a common impulse to try to figure out an effective way to help when disaster strikes—whether man-made or natural. So we started with the lowest hanging and most familiar fruit: our favorite crowdfunding platforms. A spin through Kickstarter yielded no return, but Indiegogo has a handful of new, active fundraisers for the area affected by Hurricane Isaac. Many of these pages are directing funds to the local chapters of the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army, both actively working on relief in the area. New Orleans area religious institutions of all stripes are pitching in as well.

Looking to put a bit more fun in your fundraising? Our friends at St. Bernard Project—which we featured in our 2010 New Orleans issue—encourage you to host a fundraiser in your home and they've got plenty of ideas: host a Louisiana themed dinner, show a topical film like Harry Shearer's The Big Uneasy, or even pack a bar to watch a Saints game.

Have other ideas for helping out the victims of Hurricane Isaac or know of great local projects making a difference? Please share them in the comments.

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