Japan Wows the World With the Self-Parking Chair

That is one sweet chair.

Someone somewhere in Japan got up from their desk one day and thought, “Wouldn’t life be grand if I didn’t have to push this darn chair back into my desk?” You may have thought it too, but this guy or gal actually did something about it. Introducing the Intelligent Parking Chair.

Developed by Nissan using the same technology in its self-parking cars, the Intelligent Parking Chair will put itself back under your desk with a simple clap of the hands. The chair has a Roomba-like circular chassis and wheels at its bottom to help it navigate the office. They can locate their target position with the help of strategically placed cameras that transmit the chair’s route to its appropriate table or desk. Sadly, according to a Nissan spokesperson, there are no plans to make the self-parking chairs available commercially.