The "Top Kill" Seems to Have Worked

We finally got some good news from the Gulf today. It looks like the the Deepwater Horizon oil spill is finally being stopped. This morning, BP began what's called a "Top Kill" procedure, which is an attempt to reduce the flow of oil by pumping heavy mud into the well so it can eventually be plugged. In interviews with NPR and the Gulf region's WWL radio station, Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen said it's working and they have "stopped the hydrocarbons from coming up." The next step is to pump in cement and plug it for good.

We know there's been saturation coverage of this stuff, but that's as it should be. This is the largest spill in U.S. history. This BBC slideshow is the best short description of the "Top Kill" procedure we've seen. For up-to-date technical talk about what's going on, visit The Oil Drum. They have a post up about the challenges related to the cement plug. And for live video of the leak, visit this NPR page.

As Obama said, "Plug the damn hole."