When you're new to a field, everyday is a learning process. Today we learned the hard way that oranges don't agree with our office dog's stomach.

Yeah, all week long we've been learning. For instance, we learned about Harvard's new president, accidental theme park horror, and futuristic seed protection.

We learned about Grammys and Plugs, green weddings, death odds, and a case of the private jet blues.

We learned that dolphins are the new Jack Bauer, and that Jack Bauer's tired of torture.

We learned about rats, wolves, and squid (and all in time for a nice cat nap).

Between Fox's future flop and Al Franken's political hat drop, we've learned just about as much as we can handle. That in mind, we're going to head home, throw on some Ghostface Killah (or maybe some LCD Soundsystem), and get ready for another week in GOOD. See you then.