The Week In GOOD

We like to party. We like, we like to party. Thusly and henceforth we commit to burn down the proverbial house on Wednesday February 28 and on Thursday March 1. And we'll be representing (because we're that core) at SXSW with an interactive party on March 12. More on that coming next week.

First, we want to talk about this past week, which has come and gone like so many before a tab of Alka Selzter dissolving into sparkly nothingness as we chase away last night's regret.

First off, there was that forgettable Jet Blue business. Then Australia saw the light, and it was good.

Tim Hardaway put his foot in his mouth and we put a nuclear video on our site.

Ira Glass got ready for cable, Joe Lieberman got ready to waver, and chimps used tools to kill (so much like us, aww).

Oh, just a reminder to anyone still in school: your FAFSA renewal forms are due March 2. Please don't commit fraud, unless it's really worth it. Salut.