There Is Already a Mosque Less Than a Mile From Ground Zero

The din about the Cordoba Cultural Center (with included mosque) being built near Ground Zero has grown nearly inescapable, with conservatives from all over the country (though very few actually from New York), saying the project is an outrage.

But how close is too close? There are obviously other mosques in Manhattan at an acceptable, inoffensive distance from Ground Zero. Using a list generated by, I've mapped the distances between those mosques in New York and Ground Zero. The Cordoba Cultural Center would be .22 miles from the center of Ground Zero. Another mosque is already located .35 miles from the center (you can click on the lines to see their distance).

So, there you have it: If the mosque were being constructed a mere 686 feet from its current location, there would be no outcry, right?

You can see the full map here.