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Flower FramehorticultureGet some living art for your wall. Just hang your Flower Frame, add some plants, and you'll have a leafy conversation piece for your living room. A unique system makes watering simple. We recommend you use ivy, since a row of pointy cacti would not only look funny, but would be potentially dangerous.$3,000; Phonofone IIlow fidelityIt's a common conundrum. You have an iPod. You have friends. You and your friends can't listen to your iPod at the same time. The Phonofone II can help. In the vast sea of iPod accessories, it stands out for both its striking design and its low-fi wonder: Simply lay your ear buds in the center of this old-timey device and it will amplify the sound so everyone can rock out, no batteries or power cord needed. It's party time!$850; 4MulahygieneStarted as an art project about obsessive washing, 4Mula products-body and face washes, moisturizers, and more-are made from natural ingredients combined using the company's "Periodic Table Of Essential Oils." Into chemistry? Then you'll love the 4Mula Saltglo: Its formula: 3Ppm2Rsm1Euc(+). It's science, trust us.from $16; Dissolving Paper ShampooTSA workaroundIf you're traveling somewhere without hotels to provide things like shampoo and soap, the Transportation Security Administration's anti-hygiene policies can be seriously problematic. But this dissolving paper shampoo comes in sheets-think Listerine breath strips-that will be allowed past security, at least until some new plot to use dehydrated soap products to attack planes is exposed.$13; FlockswoolensEvery time you wear a wool sweater, it's important to remember the sacrifice of some poor ovine fleece-donor, now shivering in the cold of early spring. Flocks-which offers a selection of wool cardigans and hats, each knit from the fleece of one individual sheep-helps connect you to the chain of supply by including a picture and short bio of the sheep that produced your sweater, so you can look at it and say "Thanks, sheep."$475; TankbooksvicesBooks, unlike cigarettes, will not kill you. Also unlike cigarettes, carrying around a book all day can be a drag (that's a cigarette pun), because books are often heavy and do not readily fit in your pocket. Enter the British creative agency Tank, which, in response to England's new ban on smoking in public places, has made a range of classic literature-including Heart of Darkness and The Metamorphosis-that fits into cigarette-like packaging. Think of how edifying your smoking breaks will be now.$14; Zinkinstant publishingThere still aren't flying cars, but we have advanced far enough into the future that we have been graced with the Zink, a normal-sized digital camera with a printer inside it. Imagine the possibilities. Now, instead of having your beautiful pictures live on your computer, you can print them out the moment you take them. It works by embedding dye crystals in the paper, instead of using ink, which is apparently now about as laughably antiquated as film.$199; Gaiam Power StripconservationDid you know that even when turned off, many of your electronic devices continue to suck power from the socket into which they are plugged? Probably, because you are an informed and conscious consumer. Knowing is half the battle, but are you doing anything about it? Probably not. Consider the Gaiam Smart Power Strip. Just plug your TV-or computer-into the strip, along with all its accessories (DVD player, TiVo, cable box, etc.) When you turn your TV off, the strip cuts power to everything, saving you 72 percent of the money you've been paying to power your set.$39;
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Conservative radio host Dennis Prager defended his use of the word "ki*e," on his show Thursday by insisting that people should be able to use the word ni**er as well.

It all started when a caller asked why he felt comfortable using the term "ki*e" while discussing bigotry while using the term "N-word" when referring to a slur against African-Americans.

Prager used the discussion to make the point that people are allowed to use anti-Jewish slurs but cannot use the N-word because "the Left" controls American culture.

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Step by step. 8 million steps actually. That is how recent college graduate and 22-year-old Sam Bencheghib approached his historic run across the United States. That is also how he believes we can all individually and together make a big impact on ridding the world of plastic waste.

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The Planet

According to the FBI, the number of sexual assaults reported during commercial flights have increased "at an alarming rate." There was a 66% increase in sexual assault on airplanes between 2014 and 2017. During that period, the number of opened FBI investigations into sexual assault on airplanes jumped from 38 to 63. And flight attendants have it worse. A survey conducted by the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA found that 70% of flight attendants had been sexually harassed while on the job, while only 7% reported it.

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