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These Can Be Yours

The consumer in you wants these products.

Having the internet on your computer wasn't enough. Neither was getting it on planes, or on your phone. Now you can even get it in your plush toys, thanks to Chumby, a cuddly, coffee-cup-sized box with a screen implanted in its middle. The loveable and hackable Chumby connects to your WiFi and displays information-like news, weather, or your favorite RSS feeds-while liberating you from the constraints of your computer. Connectivity has never been so cute.$

Soda-Club Home Soda Maker
It's every child's dream to live in a house with a soda fountain, and now you can come close to fulfilling that desire with this home soda maker, which will inject carbonation into any liquid you see fit to use. We recommend you skip the soda (because soda is really, really bad for you) and indulge your inner molecular gastronomist with creations like carbonated soup. Just make sure you warn your family about the fizzy milk you left in the fridge.$

Zingerman's Z Club
Zingerman's, the legendary deli of Ann Arbor, Michigan, now offers the Z Club, which sends sub-scribers a quarterly package of eight to 10 rare and hard-to-find foodstuffs from around the world. Anything from a specialty raw-milk cheese to award-winning small-batch olive oil might be included. Just hope your fresh clams get through the mail quickly.$600/

Ultreo Ultrasound Toothbrush
When a certain Panamanian dictator took refuge from American troops inside the Vatican Embassy, U.S. soldiers blasted heavy metal music in an attempt to drive him from hiding. The Ultreo toothbrush works much the same way: Think of your plaque as Noriega. The Ultreo's ultrasonic pulses activate the bubbles created by your toothpaste, which help them remove far more plaque than pedestrian techniques like soundless brushing or rubbing your teeth with your finger. Behold the power of sound.$

Timberland, long the favorite footwear of, paradoxically, construction workers and hip-hop stylists, is now targeting the eco-conscious market (this has been, since 2007, mandatory for any major company). These waterproof Tims are made from organic cotton, with a partially recycled sole, but they make you look tougher than most organic clothing does. Hopefully, this is just a first step. If you can make one line of recycled shoes, why not make all your shoes recycled and call it a day?$

One Laptop Per Child
Nicholas Negroponte, the founder of MIT's Media Lab, has finally completed his latest and most impressive attempt to change the world with technology. His much ballyhooed XO laptop is cheap, tough, and easy to use (it eschews standard operating systems for open-source software). It's made to give children in the developing world access to the internet and a way to learn about computers that's quick and easy. The adorable, WiFi-enabled XO isn't currently available for sale in the United States (but keep your fingers crossed). However, you can easily make a tax-deductible donation and give a laptop to a child.$

In prehistoric times, a shivering caveman pulled a piece of mammoth skin over himself to ward off the cold-thus was born the blanket. Like the wheel, the blanket seems like an invention that could not be improved upon. But you didn't think of putting sleeves on a blanket, did you? That's the genius of the Slanket, the Sky Mall-endorsed fleece blanket that goes where no covering has gone before-around your arms. Now you never need to get a chill when you reach for your drink or the remote. That's progress.$

Les Diners de Gala
In between painting melting clocks and waxing his moustache, Salvador Dalí created Les Diners de Gala, a cookbook with appropriately decadent recipes for dishes like escalope of foie gras wrapped in chicken, all accompanied by typically surreal depictions of his creations. The book is, oddly, out of print, but a copy can be garnered for about a hundred dollars at your local used book dealer or sites like $

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