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From things to help you see better, to those that make you move.

Herrlicht glassesfashionMade entirely from wood-even the screws and hinges are precision-cut from maple or cherry pieces-Herrlicht glasses are like no spectacles you've ever seen. The price may blur your vision.$1,160,

Hulger HandsetscoolHands-free mobile technology gets smaller by the day, to the point that it's becoming hard to determine if people are on the phone or talking to themselves. Hulger's wireless handsets, made out of vintage-looking phone receivers, offer an elegant solution. Now you can have the comfort of talking on a real phone, while retaining the mobility of cellular technology. And, if it finally turns out that cell phones cause brain cancer, you'll be keeping the cellular signals far away from your cranium.From $70,

Toms ShoesfeetInspired by the utilitarian shoes of Argentine workers, these comfortable canvas slip-ons come in a range of colors and patterns, from camo to pink. If a vibrant new pair of shoes at a great price isn't enough to grab you, there's a bonus: every time someone purchases a pair of Toms Shoes, founder Blake Mycoskie donates a pair to a South American child. Now you can easily turn your problematic shoe fetish into something more productive.$38,

Oooms wooden memory stickscomputersIt's time to rebel against the brilliant whites and polished silvers of modern technology. Why not bring a little piece of nature into the office? Oooms memory sticks (with capacities up to 1 gigabyte) are encased in wood-a constant reminder that there is a world outside, even if you don't get to see it very much.$88,

Little ChromasexJimmy Jane applies high-design principles to the surprising original philosophy that sex-and sex toys-should be sexy. The end result is a product that's as elegant as it is functional: waterproof, virtually silent, and equipped with a replaceable motor if you should, ahem, wear yours out. Now the company's signature gold-plated vibrator is available with a dash of color and a smaller price tag.$195,

Bohemian ModernlibraryFor years, Los Angeles architect Barbara Bestor has been designing buildings in Silverlake, an East L.A. neighborhood that is now a hipster haven. The book is a sumptuous overview of the work of Bestor and her contemporaries, and a comprehensive reference for beautiful style:a D.I.Y.-inspired take on modern architecture and design.$22,

Conphorm UM totefashionThis cleverly-designed tote bag is constructed with just one piece of felt (the industrial fabric du jour) attached by a zipper. Unzip it, and it lies flat for storage. Zip it up, and you have a stylish and functional bag. Best of all, buy it from sustainable design store Branch, which plans to give one percent of profits to environmental organizations.From $114,

TerraPassenvironmentA quick visit to the TerraPass website allows you to calculate your yearly vehicular carbon emissions, and then buy enough carbon credits to offset every ounce of pollution your car produces. If you're sick of people giving you the finger as you plow past them in your Hummer, slapping a TerraPass decal on your windshield might deflect some of the ire.From $30,
WITI Milwaukee

Joey Grundl, a pizza delivery driver for a Domino's Pizza in Waldo, Wisconsin, is being hailed as a hero for noticing a kidnapped woman's subtle cry for help.

The delivery man was sent to a woman's house to deliver a pie when her ex-boyfriend, Dean Hoffman, opened the door. Grundl looked over his shoulder and saw a middle-aged woman with a black eye standing behind Hoffman. She appeared to be mouthing the words: "Call the police."

"I gave him his pizza and then I noticed behind him was his girlfriend," Grundl told WITI Milwaukee. "She pointed to a black eye that was quite visible. She mouthed the words, 'Call the police.'"

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Good News

Rochester NY Airport Security passing insulting notes to travelers caught on tape

Neil Strassner was just passing through airport security, something he does on a weekly basis as part of his job. That's when a contract airport security employee handed him a small piece of folded cardboard. Strassner, 40, took the paper and continued on his way. He only paused when he heard the security employee shouting back at him, "You going to open the note?"

When he unfolded the small piece of paper, Strassner was greeted with an unprompted insult. "You ugly!!!"

According to Strassner, and in newly released CCTV of the incident, the woman who handed him the note began laughing loudly.

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Facebook: kktv11news

A post on the Murdered by Words subreddit is going viral for the perfect way a poster shut down a knee-jerk "double-standard!" claim.

It began when a Redditor posted a 2015 Buzzfeed article story about a single dad who took cosmetology lessons to learn how to do his daughter's hair.

Most people would see the story as something positive. A dad goes out of his way to learn a skill that makes his daughter look fabulous.

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Coal mining is on the decline, leaving many coal miners in West Virginia without jobs. The Mine Safety and Health Administration says there are about 55,000 positions, and just 13,000 of those jobs are in West Virginia. The dwindling amount of work is leaving some struggling to make a living, but the Appalachian Beekeeping Collective is giving those coal miners a way to find new jobs and make a supplemental income as coal mining diminishes.

The Appalachian Beekeeping Collective trains coal miners and other low-income residents in mining communities to keep bees. Some coal miners are getting retrained to work in the tech industry, however beekeeping allows coal miners to continue to work in a job that requires a similar skill set. "The older folks want to get back to work, but mining is never going to be like it was in the '60s and '70s, and there is nothing to fall back on, no other big industries here, so all of these folks need retraining," former coal miner James Scyphers told NPR. "Beekeeping is hands-on work, like mining, and requires on-the-job training. You need a good work ethic for both."

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Photo by Stella de Smit on Unsplash

There was once a time in Florida where you could park your boat in your front lawn, but you were SOL if you wanted to grow squash and lettuce there. However, thanks to one Miami Shores couple, that's about to change.

Hermine Ricketts and Tom Carroll had been growing a front yard garden for 17 years, but in 2013, Miami Shores changed its city ordinance, making the activity illegal. The new city ordinance said that backyard vegetable gardens were a-OK, but Ricketts and Carroll couldn't keep a garden in their backyard because it didn't get enough sun. So the couple could either dig up their garden or face $50 in daily fines for letting it continue to grow. The couple opted to do neither and instead, they sued the city.

Ricketts and Carroll took their case to the Florida Supreme Court. Initially, the courts sided with Miami Shores, but the fight wasn't over. Florida State Senator Rob Bradley introduced legislation preventing "a county or municipality from regulating vegetable gardens on residential properties." Earlier this year, the Senate passed the bill 35-5.

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