Think Before You Comment

Not that anyone on this particular site would ever leave a non-erudite, non-productive comment, but obnoxious comments are quite rampant around the rest of the internet. A great new blog is starting to chronicle the intense stupidity that anonymous venting seems to bring out in nearly everyone: You Actually Said That Online. The archives are pretty slim so far, but already have some gems of idiocy in there, like: "Any city with more than 2 skyscrapers is full of homosexuals" or this brilliant exchange:"DEATH: usb flash drive are awesome!!!!!!!!BenKenobi: usb flash drives are expensive … unless you're a fuking rich liberal fhggDEATH: …how much storage space though?"Check it out, email them your favorites, and just try to make sure your comments are not of a quality that would make anyone think to send them along.