This Brown University Student Doesn't Believe There Was a Hurricane

Book smarts don't always equal common sense.

It's well known that you need a stellar high school GPA and fantastic SAT scores to get accepted to Brown University, but in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, one of the school's students is busy proving that book smarts don't always equal common sense.

Alison Bologna, a reporter for Providence, Rhode Island's NBC 10 was out covering the storm's damage when she happened on "Daniel" a Brown student who believes Sandy is just a government conspiracy.

"I don't really believe that there's a hurricane," Daniel tells Bologna. "There is," she replies, but he keeps on going down the no-hurricane road. As you can see in the video above, at one point Daniel actually says "Well, the government definitely wants you to think that classes are cancelled, but I'm not so sure."

Connor Simpson over at The Atlantic suspects that Daniel's engaging in some hardcore trolling. "He has has the 'stunned college kid' voice down to a science," Simpson says. What's least likely, quips Simpson, is that "Daniel took his critical thinking classes way, way too seriously.