Meet Donald Trumpkin

No matter how you feel about the presidential race, this is great.

Jeanette Paras of Dublin, Ohio, is known locally for her elaborate Halloween pumpkin decorations. In 2013, she used paint, wigs, felt, and a sprig of holly to create a Christmas-themed tableau starring Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty and singer Miley Cyrus. In 2012, a 334-pound squash became “Naughty Prince Harry.”

But little has prepared Ohio—nay, the world— for this year’s hyper-topical pumpkin. His name is Trumpkin. He weighs in at 374 pounds. And his hair is not quite natural: It’s made up of six 38-inch blond wigs, Paras told The Columbus Dispatch.

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“[Paras] spent a lot of time arranging the hair, then flipping it to one side to achieve his look,” the Dispatch reports. CNN says Trumpkin took 10 hours to create.

But even as the real-life Donald Trump’s third GOP presidential debate nears, Paras stays she’s staying out of politics.

“I have a nonpartisan porch,” she said, and would not reveal how she votes.

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