This Rapping Flight Attendant Makes Flying Fun

Mustering up a little creativity, instead of listing the pre-flight instructions, flight attendant David Holmes rapped them.

When flying, most of us tune out the obligatory "prepare for takeoff" instructions. So it won't surprise you to hear about flight attendants growing weary of repeating those directions over and over again. That's what happened to Southwest's David Holmes on a route to Oklahoma City after already working five flights in one day. Mustering up a little creativity, he decided to pass on simply listing the pre-flight instructions—and rapped them instead. Holmes encouraged the passengers on the plane to clap their hands and offer background music to his rhythmic lyrics as he ticked off the types of drinks being served, what to do in an exit row, and so on.

Since then, Holmes has become something of an internet celebrity, and is even invited to Southwest's corporate meetings to rap about their annual financial results. Here's hoping that one day you'll get Holmes on your flight. It may be the first time you actually follow along, and turn to see if the nearest exit is in front or behind you.

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