This Striking Berlin Street Art Infuses Wit Into Everyday Sprawl

EVOL is turning Berlin's gloomy winter sprawl into imaginative miniature street scenes.

Winter in Berlin can make the city's concrete sprawl feel even more barren and gray. There's not much color, and certainly not much humor found on the streets, as pedestrians navigate through dark, frigid blocks. Sound appealing? For German artist EVOL , it is. He's used this landscape to infuse wit throughout the city's neighborhoods by turning the everyday sprawl into imaginative urban scenes.

In his series "Buildings" he makes miniature cities within cities by painting small apartment buildings onto power boxes, traffic blocks, and other facades. These residences of his own imagination are so detailed they include satellite TV dishes, balconies, curtains, and even graffiti. With his clever creations popping up all over town, winter doesn't seem so gloomy after all.

Images courtesy of EVOL