This Tel Aviv Cargotecture Bridge Puts Shipping Containers to Fresh Use

These shipping containers will make up one of the world's first few recycled bridges.

More than 800,000 shipping containers are discarded each year around the world after being use for maritime transit. That amounts to huge amounts of waste, but also presents a new resource for architects and artists to use in a variety of projects. One of these projects is the Econtainer Bridge, proposed by Israel's Yoav Messer Architects which will incorporate recycled containers to make a 525-foot long land bridge connecting Arial Sharon Park and a main thoroughfare into Tel Aviv.

To be used by pedestrians, cyclists and light vehicles, the bridge aims to be a destination site in itself, much like New York's Highline. It will have benches, a promenade and several options for viewpoints. One such view will be of the Hiriya landfill—also an experiment in reclamation. "Trash Mountain" as it was originally called, has transformed from 25 million tons of waste three times the size of New York's Central Park, to an ecopark with outdoor recreational facilities. It even harvests the methane emitted from the mountain to power a nearby factory. The Ecotainer Bridge will continue along this sustainable path by harnessing solar power and other ecological features, making the entire area a potential green success story.

Images courtesy of Yoav Messer Architects