This Week In GOOD

Can you smell that? It's the scent of a new year. It's pungent, a bit offensive, and wrought with the goings on of this crazy world. Five days young and 2007 already has us gasping for air:We started this year mourning the loss of two 1970s icons: Former President Gerald Ford and the Godfather of Soul (God rest it). And in all fairness someone, somewhere, was probably mourning the death of Saddam--even if his "passing" has afforded us some better sleep.There was a brief unpublicized war between Ethiopia and Somalia. A few nations south of there, Oprah opened a school for girls.Wal-Mart went green, Greenpeace put the heat on Apple, and The Huff gave you the shirt of her back.Two "you go girl" moments helped to get the year rolling: Pelosi's big day and our love affair with our inner ugly.With talks of Bush team trade rumors and some ill-received fun, we lost our appetites. But they came back. Just in time for a picnic in this lovely spring weather.Stay with us readers, this is just the beginning. And it only gets 2007ier from here on out. Good night and smell you later.