This Week In GOOD

With the year's longest day behind us, summer is officially here.We began the week by celebrating South Korean Constitution Day, didn't you?We also produced a video for Room to Read, one of our Choose GOOD partners.Live Earth auctioned off a consultant.Bloomberg went indie.Thomas Kostigen and Google both did green things.Antibacterial suddenly lost its appeal.Kaplan edified some iPods.We realized just how ridiculously wealthy we are.Attenborough got a fond remembrance.The funding of change got broken down.Guantanamo stayed open or closed, depending on what side of them you're on.This weekend, go check out a movie, or just check out a clip on UTube. Do not buy the new Smashing Pumpkins album. Seriously, somehow, Billy Corgan found a way to be less relevant.Do make plans to visit us in San Francisco on the 15th. We can't wait to spend a long, hot summer night with you.Love,GOOD