This Week In GOOD

This is going to be quick; we have to catch a plane to San Francisco for the second annual Choose GOOD Block Party at 111 Minna.Events of note from the recent past:-The "world's oldest blogger" passed away. Olive, you're the best, and we loved "listening to [your] blog."-Matt Simmons scared the cast of CNBC's Fast Money expressionless with his dire predictions about oil.-We asked "Does the New Yorker cover offend you, yeah?" Readers (mostly) answered no.-Banksy's identity was revealed?-The new street parking sensors in San Francisco are really smart.-Also worth checking out: the Aguanomics blog on water and money, Fareed Zakaria's interview with Obama, and Radiohead's new video.Pax, we're off to 'frisco! We'll see you there.GOOD