This Week in GOOD Education

In this back to school, back to work week, lots of ground was covered.

Morning Roundups started out the day—as a way to set a shared agenda of daily education stories not only worth reading, but worth talking about.

The most robust and heated discussion of the week followed Lessons From Dubai, which chronicled the struggle of American universities to expand overseas, Why We Should Teach Design Early, about a group of Austin designers that are helping a local school to recreate their campus, and Will Tea Partyers Homeschool Their Kids?, where Bill G. was particularly outspoken. Keep it coming.

Teach for America got a decent amount of coverage, following a study that examined whether its corps members become more civically active as a result of having stepped foot in a classroom. Jason DeParle's reportage was appreciated. And Arne Duncan got a fair amount of play.

Next week, more coverage coming your way—as our robust pool of contributors begins to reveal itself. Also, Nikhil's back.

As always, your comments, insights, and suggestions are welcome.

Photo via Matt Roth, whose portfolio of Donald Davidson's classroom captured something truly inspired.

UPDATE: The photos have been removed from this post.